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Welcome to the Official Website of Frank D'Rone - Jazz Singer and Guitarist Extraordinaire

Frank D'Rone with Guitar.

Frank D'Rone's great voice, musicianship and commanding stage presence, along with his ability to master the interpretation of a song lyric, lend themselves to any entertainment atmosphere and make it easy to understand why he became a recurring guest on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and was requested by Frank Sinatra to appear in the lounge whenever "The Chairman" was performing in the show rooms of the Las Vegas and Atlantic City venues.

"A singer with an individual sound that invites no comparisons; a singer who can seemingly sustain a note forever; one of the few singers who can change a mood of a room from song to song by moving from one emotion to another naturally. He holds an audience."

--Nat "King" Cole

"It is simply impossible to find fault with anything Frank D'Rone sings or plays."

--Leonard Feather - Downbeat

"All singing from the heart and no put-ons"

--Will Friedwald - "Jazz Singing"

"A seasoned singer for all seasons. Few equal D'Rone's mix of voice, guitar. The superb jazz improviser somehow manages to combine the best of two worlds: a warm baritone that adeptly expresses melodic nuances and a fluid guitar technique that operates exclusively at the virtuoso level."

--Howard Reich - The Chicago Tribune

"All his songs are rendered with a keen jazz sensibility understandable enough for someone who’s worked with Woody Herman and Carl Fontana."

--Boston Globe

"Whether in a studio or in a live ‘in person’ setting, Frank excels. He can musically do no wrong."

--In Tune International

"D'Rone is a cabaret singer of the highest order"

--Sherman Kaplan - WBBM AM Radio, Chicago

"D'Rone has been a 'singer's singer' who has drawn praise and support from such royalty as Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett."

--Chicago Sun Times

"What a joy to find that not only has D’Rone’s voice lost none of its richness and accuracy of pitch, but that he still swings like the complete musician he is."

--Journal into Melody

"Real talent will always be respected and that is something Frank D'Rone possesses in large quantities."

--Las Vegas Review-Journal

"...when you listen to D'Rone you are listening to the real thing."

--Tony Bennett